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The physics of "Phi" and the hidden harmony of Creation

1. Introduction - Exploring the eternal science of the Heart
2. Creation on the silver lining between what was traditionally called "matter" and "spirit"
3. The physics of "Phi" and the hidden harmony of Creation
3.1 The true meaning of "Phi", the Golden Ratio
3.2 Interference and heterodyning
3.3 The Causal Matrix: a radically new way of thinking about physics
4. The creation of cosmic and individual mind
5. A new paradigm of sensory perception
6. Dimensions and symmetry - the inner physics of ever-Self
7.1 Going through dimensions
7.2 Going through symmetry
7. Coherence classes - the nominal physics of objectivity
8. The Creation of the Universe
8.1 The transitional stage: from spirit to matter
8.2 The binding of symmetry and dimensions
8.3 The objective world
9. Gravity: the mind's measure of implosion
10. Life Force: the gravity of biology
11. Back to the Heart - quoting from a letter to Dan Winter

1. Introduction - Exploring the eternal science of the Heart

Harmonic Explorer takes you on a dynamic introductory tour into the hidden harmony of Creation. It shows how the two eternal, inner phases of Creation have been re-phrased as non-linear and linear regimes of wave physics, playing together in the eternal creation of a living universe.

Harmonic Explorer may not show you anything which you cannot actually learn from words and pictures. But the interactive experience of playing yourself with the frequencies and waves that form the true inner workings of cosmology and biology may give you a touch and feel of another dimension of physics, the true science of the Heart, and at the same time the physics of that which was traditionally called "self- awareness" - the inner physics of infinite connectedness.

Creation is itself but an eternal exploration of infinite manifestations of (internal) coherence between what we can hear or see, and what we can feel. Traditional physics only deals with the consequences of the first part, whereas the "feeling" part has evolved into the various intuitive disciplines, as taught e.g. in the vedic and yogic traditions. But as yet the two were widely separated, leaving planet Earth and its inhabitants with an inheritance of science, technology and industry massively controlled by a deeply schizophrenic mindset..

Although spiritual traditions are undoubtedly very accurate, helpful on the individual level and very sharable within their cultural bounds, they may lack the acute language needed to take to the future as a collective scientific resource. Any need for Mystery and Magic is but the result of a communication problem, not only on the side of the receiving party but truly on both sides. The language of an emerging New Physics is one of Life itself, of Life Force as a measurable principle of creation, with deep implications for many other disciplines. An emerging cosmology based upon this physics is no longer one rooted in the relativities, clashes and limitations of an "entropic" reality, and neither in the traditional laws of physics describing it. It is a cosmology inalienable based upon the true physics of life force and consciousness itself. A truly scientific language of infinite connectedness, knowing that life is not a mere lucky strike but the very cornerstone of Creation as we know it.

For example, Harmonics Explorer contains algorithms that search for naturally emerging coherent states (coherence classes) among frequencies taken together as per the linear and non-linear regimes. As yet in a very early stage, these coherence classes are expected to point at universal harmonic blueprints for the entire living "family" of atoms, cells, organs, living beings, ecosystems, stars and galaxies. This together builds the physics of a vibrant and living universe, where the triangles of Forces of the mutual physical regimes are playing together as one. This necessarily concise science tour takes you on an outer and inner journey into this new physics - dealing with the questions of head and heart.

The Harmonic Explorer software as well as this introduction are dedicated to deep practicality. Any links to, and parallels with standard physics as well as traditional and contemporary spiritual philosophy are given for the sake of perspective. The intention is not to add to, or diminish, or compare to the intrinsic value of any disciplines within their respective fields.

Heart Coherence team

2. Creation on the silver lining between what was traditionally called "matter" and "spirit"

Imagine the entire Universe pervaded by an invisible, self-contained and self-empowered frequency system. Don't use the word "energy" here, because then you may just miss the point. Energy comes later.

Now, think of each and every living entity, every star or planet, every cell, every atom, and entire galaxies being perfectly attuned to, or seemlessly "embedded" within this frequency network. This perfect tuning is what makes them alife, moreover, is the very cause and substance of their creation, their maintenance and their final demise.

There is a nice practical example where you can actually see (and measure) the result of this "invisible" frequency network, although a bit simplified. This is so-called "sensitive crystallisation" , which became well known through the research done by Dr. Masuro Emoto. But before we even go to crystals, there is a yet simpler example where litterally sound is used to create different forms in matter. This is called "cymatics". It is done by applying a frequency (or frequencies) to a metal disk on which e.g. sand, or water is dispersed. Even with this relatively simple principle, the results are sometimes very similar to natural and biological shapes:
"You've never seen sounds like these before!"
"Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). For 14 years he conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture.."

Unlike cymatics, sensitive crystallisation is not done with "real" sound but with the frequencies that form the subtle physics of pure intent. And, of course, you need a receptive medium that is also able to show the result. There are different methods, the principle used by Dr. Emoto is to "impress" (or whatever you want to call it) pure water with a certain thought-expression, and once the water is assumed to have somehow assimilated this thought-expression, take one drop of it and freeze it. The result is a wide variety in crystallisation patterns for different though-expressions (or -impressions..):
"The Message of Water"
Dr. Masuru Emoto
"We can clearly see from the above examples that water definitely responds to different hado acting almost like a mirror".

Now here we have an example of the idea that pure intent, or "spirit" can really influence and shape matter. Isn't this quite similar to what is called "psycho-somatic" in medicine? Next step is to realise that in fact matter itself, and the whole material universe and life are created from pure "spirit" alone. The fact that we, as biological beings, don't litteraly perceive it that way is but a special aspect of that same creation. The traditional term "maya" (illusion) is easily put in perspective once we realise the pure physical principle underlying sensory perception.

But first, the inner physics of the "hidden harmony of Creation" and its fairly simple and straightforward mathematics will be discussed.

3. The physics of "Phi" and the hidden harmony of Creation

3.1 The true meaning of "Phi", the Golden Ratio

"Phi" is short for the "Golden Mean ratio" (1,618), known since time immemorial for its key role in the inner physics of Creation. The importance of the Golden Mean ratio within its own regime could never be overstated, but as it happened, it is sometimes generously overstated in respect to other fields. Cleary, "Phi" is only relevant as a ratio, not as any absolute number. The unique quality of "Phi" is that it is the harmonic ratio that makes frequencies in the non-linear regime (also called "heterodyning") phase up to form a fully self-contained entity, one could say, a "singularity". Here is a brief gallery of popular Phi-pics:

... an endless variety of examples of "Phi" and related Fibonacci numbers in nature, art, mathematics, sacred geometry...
(pictures taken from various sources)

The physics of Phi uses the language of mathematics to express the idea that Creation within its primary causal bearing exists as a state of eternal and infinite connectedness. It is described as a state where all inner frequencies form a perfectly self-contained set. This is the eternal, vibrant ocean, connecting all there is in one single, exalted perspective. And now we have a mathematical tool to see how within this primordial ocean there exists another realm of frequencies, that is, taken as per another regime. It is these frequencies that form the onset of the manifest, relative world.

Another term for the physics of Phi is "nominal physics".

3.2 Interference and heterodyning

Now first, some basic math on frequencies and waves. Below screenshots from Harmonic Explorer show examples of frequencies taken together as per the linear and non-linear regime resp. The linear regime is what creates "normal" or relative physics, also called interference, the non-linear realm creates what is perceived as "self-awareness" for which another term is: infinite connectedness.

In the first example, five source harmonics (below) are taken together as a non-linear heterodyne (2nd. up) resp. as a linear interfering wave (3rd.). Note the difference in wave forms. The fourier analysis of the LINEAR wave (top) extracts the expected same five original harmonics again as peaks in the frequency spectrum. The harmonic ratio in this example is 1,65.

Exactly the same settings, only this time the Fourier is taken from the NON-LINEAR wave. The result is a greater number of frequencies (16), randomly distributed.

In both examples, the harmonic ratio was set at 1,65. This ratio was randomly choosen, but close to "Phi" - de Golden Mean ratio. If we do the same, also for Phi ratio, we get the following:

Again the Fourier of 5 harmonics, at a ratio close to Phi

Fourier of same 5 harmonics, now exactly at Phi: the number of frequencies as per the linear regime is strongly reduced (10)
With Harmonic Explorer you can make a scan trough the harmonic spectrum, showing the linear Fourier of a heterodyne for each ratio. Below is a screen sample, the harmonic ratio is horizontal, the Fourier is vertical here. The situation at ratio=1 is not realistic as all frequencies are equal. It is clearly seen that at ratio Phi the number of frequencies is minimal. In rather philosophical terms, this is the least disorderly place within the linear regime ("lowest entropy") where the living Universe feels most happy and settles down in sustainable creation. This is called: "harmonic coherence", or "simply coherence". Yet there are other ratio's of reduced activity, though less significant. The second sample shows an algorithm finding other ratio's, the "family of Phi", by itteration. The linear regime of interference is called "fusion".

Harmonic scan of 5 source harmonics, from ratio 0.5 to 2.5. The number of emerging frequencies is minimal at Phi ratio (and its inverse). More harmonic points are indicated by the vertical bars, and can be found by itteration algorithm in the second screen sample. Exactly at "Phi" you can see the Golden Sequence (vertical)!

So far some introductory, and fairy simple mathematics on harmonic frequencies in the non-linear and linear regimes. Summarizing, an infinite system of frequencies can be fully selfcontained and perfectly coherent within the non-linear regime if the frequencies are Phi-ratio harmonics. Secondly, this same system taken as per the linear regime, inalienably implies a great number of other frequencies, and this regime is called "fusion". Some more mathematics on Phi are in the attachment "Why Phi" below. In the following its amazing implications are discussed.

3.3 The Causal Matrix: a radically new way of thinking about physics

The above per saldo statement "waves taken together as per the linear (resp. non-linear) regime creates physics" is a breakthrough in thinking about physics, and was never before proposed this way. In a new physics of life the phenomenae which were traditionally called "consciousness" (subject) and "material world" (object) naturally emerge from the physics of a perfectly embedded, superluminous and infinitely connected frequency system: the causal matrix. There can be no unclarity on this point. Its two aspects, "coherence" and "fusion", are explained below:

1st) The inner harmony of Creation
The inner aspect of the Universe is an eternally harmonic and infinitely connected state. This is called "coherence" and involves all that is created as per the physics of Phi alone. It is dominated by the tendency to form inertia. In a bit relative sense it may be seen as the inner harmonic blueprint of the entire, interconnected family of living entities, cosmic, biological or atomic. The name "microcosm" is also appropriate. Harmonic coherence is the prime cause of standard physics' rather exotic principles gravity and inertia, life force and emotion. Hence, coherence is the material cause of the Universe, and the nominal cause of the objective world.
2nd) Objectivity and relative physics
The second aspect of how waves are sorting in Nature, is called "fusion". Fusion is but the endless re-unification of individual waves with the physics of Phi, in various ways. It is dominated by an inclination toward infinite connectedness. Fusion forms the matrix of objective reality, cosmic and biological. In retrospect fusion can create memory and a sense of body and senses, and ultimately the relativities of time, space and causation in explicit form. Psychologically, fusion can create individual mind and a feeling of separateness. In the universe as we know it, fusion and harmonic coherence always arise together. Fusion is the efficient cause of the relative world.

4. The creation of cosmic and individual mind
Coherence (the tendency to create inertia) and fusion (the inclination toward infinite connectedness) are both pervasive principles, and together create a sense of objective reality.

So, in the creation of objectivity, coherence and fusion are necessarily mixed up, which is a clue to why for example a galaxy has a spiral shape, a plant's branching algorithm forms a Fibonacci series or a mountain range has a fractal signature. It is nothing but an expression of the inner physics of gravity and life force forming the transitional stage between the primary causal matrix and the objective world. If coherence is predominant in physical expression, this is called the Cosmic mind. Within the Cosmic mind, the objective aspect is in fact also pervasive and the differentiation between coherence and fusion is a bit theoretical. The scope of the Cosmic mind is unbound.

However, coherence and fusion can arise within a limited sphere, in retrospect, in the form of a combination of resp. biological nuclei ("cakra's") and sensory and motoric faculties, together unfolding the very specific world of the individual mind. In this case, fusion is predominant in physical expression. The biological body with its nervous system, glands, external senses and brain is but the objective portion of this specific expression. The biological body belongs to the cosmic mind and is, along with its inferential faculties created in just the same way as anything else.

"Mind" in the fullest sense is the combination of objectivity and infinite connectedness. The stance of the inner physics of Phi, as well as the transitional creative stage in the cosmic and individual mind are the same, and only different in theory.

So, now the question, "what is the principle that takes the ocean of frequencies as per the non-linear resp. linear regime" is answered: MIND - cosmic and individual. "Mind" is but a philosophical term for the effect of inertia and infinite connectedness operating together. This is the simple, and yet amazing implication of the physics of Phi. As both the ancients and contemporary physicists have always prophesized: all of Creation is but an infinite ocean of waves - and now we understand that it is the mind, and the heart, litterally making SENSE of it.

5. A new paradigm of sensory perception
In the physics of life, sensory perception has a nominal cause, that is, it is but an internal function of the causal matrix. It includes the principles of both the physical sensory organ, as well as that of perception in the brain (neural network plus firing of neurons). The sensory apparatus alltogether creates physicality functioning as per the linear regime through harmonic fusion. Though it is a singular principle, it has different inner aspects: linear spectral decomposition, actual harmonic fusion, and merger in back into the non-linear regime. In retrospect, fusion can be understood as sequential assessment, and its binding factor is memory.

For example, if I hold up two sticks, and ask you what you see, you'll say: "two sticks". But scientifically the correct answer should be "two-sticks". In other words, perception is always singular, only sequential assessment creates the "one plus one is two" and this creates all relative time-space-causation physics.

The spectrum of perception is fully evolved by fusion subsequently creating:

1. linear waves out of the non-linear regime (sensory organ)
2. objects out of linear waves (neuronal sensory locus, e.g. visual cortex)
3. events out of objects (brain - neural network)
4. meaning out of events (brain - neocortex)
5. non-linear regime out of meaning (brain - firing of neurons)
So, these aspects (spectral decomposition, sequential fusing and merger in non-linear regime) together create objectivity, in the maturing mind increasingly carried out in an individual style, thus evolving into the distinct relativities of time, space and causation. This way, conscious experience is created. So, although the physical elements may be perceived as grossly chaotic, their inner essence is each and every moment an instance of harmonic fusion as per the non-linear regime, perfectly in tune with all of creation.

6. Dimensions and symmetry - the inner physics of transformation

6.1 Going through dimensions

The Cartesian or etc. measure of dimensions tells little about their (nominal) origin, and hence is not a subject in the physics of life. The primordial state is dimensionless or, for that matter, implies all dimensions and all dimensional worlds. In the physics of life, "dimension" is simply the dynamics of how nature puts the causal matrix in a relative perspective. In retrospect, the inner momentum of this transformation is a sense of continuïty or, pschologically, the desire for existence (i.e. as a unit entity..) and in physics it is the inner, operative force of expression through which the primordial matrix is literally "turning into" reality. The primary cause of this force could be understood as the innate differentiation of the causal matrix into a its very condition as unit-entity and its state of infinite connectedness, along with any reconciling principle. Nothing but this immanent differentiation is the cause of its interior force projection and all creation. Hence it is called the operative principle. It is not exactly the result, and neither the cause of the inner Golden Mean frequency physics, rather the two aspects form an inalienble concomitance, one cannot exist without the other. Therefore also, if as per style of philosophy either aspect is taken as the nominal cause, any relative expression necessarily ensues in a style of self-reference (of that aspect). Its mathematical prove and evidence can be visualized e.g. in Harmonic Explorer:

These screen samples from Harmonic Explorer show that adding more and more Golden Mean harmonics will cause the resultant heterodyne power be compressed into single peaks. Obviously, expanding the harmonics series ad infinitum will result in a singular and infinitely high peak, a so-called "Dirac pulse". This is verily the Pulse of Creation! This compression works at Phi-ratio (coherence) only, even a slightly off-Phi (upper sample) or alltogether non-geometric series will create chaos (no coherence and definitely no coherence classes), and will therefore not compose relative objectivity (i.e. does not "matter"! - Dan Winter). It is known that a Dirac pulse is spectrally decomposed into an infinite number of frequencies, that is, as per the linear regime.
The inner frequency dynamics of the Causal Matrix is thus visualised as the eternal play of two engaging principles. Never will they finally settle, but when coherence is seen as the predominant principle, this results in linear physics differentiation, whereas fusion results in unification. This is the physics of the Causal Matrix taken in a rather progressive style. A further explication could include the different coherence classes as discussed above. It is also the physics of "compressible medium" (Dan Winter), expanded to n - dimensions.

So, from the nominal perspective, a pathway is found, reaching from infinite to unit (and vice versa) but such that their essential unison as per the physics of Phi is at the same time unjeopardized. This literally gives birth to a totally new dimension of experience, and this experience is the inner power current of self-awareness, flaming up in the emptyness as a longing for existence and an awakening sense of Self-continuation, becoming both the deepest motivity and the highest desideratum of that existence. And then, experience referring to itself creates multiple dimensions. Thus, reality unfolds as a cascading of comprehension and apprehension of the Infinite, endless in theory, though not in practice. So, although the unit self and the Infinite are never ever separated, the multi-dimensional, multi-faceted experience of ever Self is due immanent and inalienable to the primordial matrix. Now, the projective geometry of "making the ends meet" is the Origami game recipe of how dimensions come to light:

So each time existence turns back onto itself from a relative angle, dimensions start flowing. Do you now understand the "snake" force - coming from the "Tree" of Life - that made Adam taste the "apple" -torus - throwing him out of the "paradise" of infinite connectedness? Maybe is this the long forgotten gnosis of genesis / genetics - sold to you in a candy wrap saying: the real thing is too "trance-dental" - not good for you to chew over? As you see, this story is reflected upon in the symmetry chapter..

6.2 Going through symmetries

In the primordial physics of Creation, Phi exists as pure ratio by itself, and rests as a silent, pervasive and dimensionless attribute within the hub of the ever unassailed. This is its nominal state. Then, when the seed of desire for existence has sprouted, the reality of Self twists and turns into dimensions, and in the process Phi itself becomes a truly dimensional attribute. In this state, Phi, the Golden Mean ratio, has become the essential ratio of Creation, that is, it has become the only possible symmetry map of time, space and causation. This symmetry map has been intuïted and visualized since time immemorial and this is what became known as: Sacred Geometry. Yet, it is not the symmetry map of the objective world, only that of creation - remember, the transitional phase. Whereever "Phi" is encountered in the natural world, this is, allthough mathematically consistent, a rather indirect effect of the hidden harmony. The only obvious golden mean harmonic frequency map for 3 dimensions is the so-called Icosa-Dodeca stellation of Sacred Geometry, called the "Starmother" or Cosmic Fractal (Dan Winter) and this is what it looks like:

7. Coherence classes - the nominal physics of objectivity
The nominal faculty of intellect involves nothing but arranging the primordial, unspeakable state into manageable pieces. It is practically identical with the transitional (i.e. between "spirit" and "matter") stage of biology. The causal matrix provides it not only with the material abundance to build a relative, individual reality, but also with the actual handle to do so. Thus, the infinitely connected state is finally "unfused" into a differentiated reality by the intellect, rather than by the senses per se. In physic's style, the relative universe is composed of resp.:

- diversity
- (magneto-) hydrodynamics
- thermodynamics / dimensions
- fractality
- (relative) causation

These are the perceptual phases or buildingblocks of Creation, all functioning within the transitional phase of creation as e.g. symbolized by the Bhearavii cakra, that is, on the silver lining between "matter" and "spirit". In e.g. esoteric traditions these perceptual qualities were also somewhat naïvely referred to resp. as "earth", "water", "fire", "air" and "ether" or as the so called mahabhutis or fundamental factors "solid", "liquid", "luminous", "aerial" and "ethereal". In the physics of life these immanent factors are addressed in their nominal stance, which is the only logical scientific approach. In this nominal exposure, the perceptual phases are known as "coherence classes". Coherence classes are nothing but naturally occuring forms of coherence of waves as per the linear regime, rather than the non-linear regime. As referred to earlier, this creates the sphere of relative objectivity of the individual mind. It is a subject still in a very early stage of development. In the current version of "Harmonic Explorer" software, one coherence class ("arithmetic coherence") is worked out. From this viewpoint of frequency / wave physics the perceptual phases are, still quite intuïtively, classified as follows:

- harmonic fractions
- geometric coherence
- equipoise
- arithmetic coherence
- self-referring sets

So, summarizing, this special classification of frequency physics forms the nominal physics of sensory objectivity. As said, within the bounds of this relative exposure, the primoridal causal matrix will express its infinite connectedness by its own true physics of gravity and inertia, life-force and emotion.

8. The Creation of the Universe

8.1 The transitional stage: from spirit to matter

The inalienable concomitance of dimensions and symmetries, shortly symmetry operations, constitutes the transitional phase, "from spirit into matter" and is the cooking book formula of all Creation. It should be noted at this point that what is commonly thought of as "hyperspace" is not the same as the fourth dimension, better is to think of it as three (resp. n-) dimensional non-linear space, plus non-linear time.

Obviously, the initial transformation within the causal matrix is a case of both "dimensional symmetry" and "projected dimensions", which are the nominal precursors of resp. gravity and light (in esoteric writings also called "interdimensional light"). The transition of these into actual gravity and light constitutes the conceptual / generic essence of cosmology and biology:

Thus, creation progresses through different stages, from the nominal into the transitional stage, and finally into the objective stage which is called "matter". Better is however to assess the objective stage by its physical nadir points, which are stars and humans (i.e. the ideal human frame). In other words, whereas stars form the apex of coherence physics, humans are ideally the same for the process of fusion.

The physical formula that binds gravity with light is verily the direct progression of the inner physics of the causal matrix into the relative world. It initially constitutes the creation of the "Anu" or microcosm, and later all finite manifestation. Therefore, as the ancient Egyptians knew only too well, the celestial configuration really forms the physical roadmap of the human mind. The two form an inalienable connection.

The utter consequence is a complete manifestation of the nominal physics of the causal matrix in phenomenal form, as said, as stars in the cosmic arena and the human being biologically.

8.2 The binding of symmetry and dimensions

The creation of objectivity is the moment biology chooses to focus inertia. In the process, the universal shape transforms from a rather theoretical system with angular dimensions, where there is no real physical nucleous, into a spacial figure with an actual physical nucleous and dimensions. The transformation into an actual objective manifestation is initiated the moment coherence as per the non-linear and linear regimes emerges in the form of mechanical waves. In the physics of life, a (mechanical) wave is defined not by its objective, but by its nominal cause and its general form is:

objective vs. nominal formation of a wave

In other words, a (mechanical) sine wave formulates the positive emergence of time, space and relative causation within the causal matrix. The moment of transformation is the actual creation of the binding factor between time and space and this is accelleration. That is, a wave is defined not by its physical propagation in linear time, but by its accelleration in non-linear time and space, and this creates actual time and space. "Wave" here can also be any self-contained system of (mechanical) waves, or simply entropy.

Therefore, as mentioned before, the new paradigm of sensory perception is the creation of inferential waves by the causal matrix directly, in the form of a cosmic world and a biological body and senses. All physics which is not witnessed within an individual or scientific frame, exist in nominal form alone within the causal matrix, and not in phenomenal form.

At the same time, in the transitional stage itself, there is no essential mathematical or physical binding between the dimensional flow (the toroid) and the transformed frequency system (the cosmic fractal). In other words, the system in its theoretical, angular stage is unspecific, there is no objective reference of any sort between the two figures. A reference is created the moment mechanical (sensory) waves emerge, which are then assessed as per their relative cause within the emerging framework of time, space and causation. The binding of dimensions and symmetry has following aspects and visualitions:

binding factor visualised as objective result
compression / expansion
of the dimensional toroid relative size of the toroid amplitude of a mechanical wave
compression / expansion of the symmetry (cosmic fractal)
compression of the cosmic fractal (difficult), or
vorticity of the toroid
(speed of turning inside-out)

frequency of a mechanical wave

This describes the earliest, still somewhat theoretical stage of physical objectivity. Subsequent transformation involves further binding into a system of different entropic expressions, as discussed below.

8.3 The objective world

The transformation of latent objectivity into actual diversity (separation) is essentially a biological event and practically means that the ever evolving dimensions and symmetries are measured by a standard of mechanical waves. In the process, the creative principles of the transitional stage are transformed into the finite physical quantities light and gravity resp., evolving the various material planes. The figure of the "starmother" cosmic fractal becomes the biological fractal, and under this assessment the symmetry operations of the causal matrix play out as gravity and light in a mechanical universe. Hence, light and gravity are the material cause and substance of the differentiated objective universe, existing as an inalienable mutuality.

Any entities ("Anu"), existing in the conceptual stage in a rather pervasive ("non-local") form now appear in unit form as local inertia ("particles") in an emerging framework of time-space-causation:

the binding of symmetry and dimensions, and the creation of entropy

The gravity of the issue here is that the original Physics of Phi, after taking the form of the the more or less conceptual 3D Cosmic fractal, has now become a microcosmic unit entity. This is called "Implosion" (Dan Winter) and accounts for ALL phenomenae in the relative universe. Secondly, the transformation of dimensions sheds some light on the situation, while staging the process within an actual 3D time - space - causation continuüm. Further, the combined body of mechanical waves and local inertia is known as entropy, and forms the various elemental factors, pretty much in the form of their traditional, somewhat naïve perception.

The universe at the initial, more or less theoritical stage exists of light (photons) and gravitation alone, but at this point there is some initial binding among the mutual principles. This is the onset of physical creation. The next phase is that of gradual physical contraction, which eventually takes up a curved aspect as a result of emerging interior forces. This eventually creates heat exchange, and is the stage of thermodynamics where entropy is formed. In a next stage of physical formation, general flow with curvature alignes itself into vorticity, which is magnetohydrodynamics. Now, a galaxy is set up. In the final stage, vorticity is rapidly arranging into objective angular geometries, atoms are created and first generation stars are born. At this point, the universe bursts into light.

Summarizing, the creation of the relative world involves the orchestrated emergence of the following objective factors:

Local inertia
mechanical waves
The elemental factors / discrete entropic strata:
classical element entropy class sensory class
"solid" diversity smell
"liquid" hydrodynamics taste
"luminous" thermodynamics sight
"aerial" fractality touch
"ethereal" causation hearing
finally emerging modalities:


Outside the biological frame, all transformations and objective stages all exist in nominal form alone, that is, outside time and space, within the hub of the Causal Matrix.

9. Gravity: the mind's measure of implosion
In the new physics of Life, the concept of gravity is rather implied in the notion that matter (inertia) practically exists solely in mutual concomitance with (standard) space. In other words, space itself equals accelleration, and therefore accelleration is nominal, whereas non-linear coherence is the ever unchangeable, common ground. Hence, standard gravity is the official denominator of "weight" and orbital movement, but not the cause of it, which is internal coherence. It should be possible to analyse gravity directly by seeking local Golden Sequence matching frequencies within the ELF or XLF range. Each and every atom and molecule is itself harmonically embedded within this local field, whereas only their entropic condition facilitates a relative presence. The way round, gravity could be controlled if those frequencies are generated in a contextual sense. This is probably what went wrong with the many demonstrations in this field, as the inventors unknowingly added this context themselves (think of sensitive crystallisation). Gravitational waves don't need to be strong to be powerfull. It is little more than an information context for entropic matter how to behave decently. So, anti-gravity is a very subtle science, however with a tremendous potential. A related subject is hyperspace navigation, which should include the making of a non-linear road map of the Universe. Visualized 3-dimensionally, coherence is also called "implosion" (Dan Winter at al.)

10. Life Force: the gravity of biology
In the physics of Life, sensory information does not have a relative physical cause, but a nominal cause. The nominal cause and inner bearing of the sensory world is nothing but the physics of Phi, that is, the inner matrix of infinite connectedness. In retrospect, this reflects the ideal state of individual mind, a perceptual sense of environment and body.

For example, the word "feeling" refers both to feeling with your heart and feeling with your hands. Also e.g. in yogic philosophy, the sensory faculty of "touch" is associated with the heart cakra.

In the ideal case, the individual mind is perfectly associated with its object and hence its actual individual stance is a rather theoretical issue. However, if the different sensory faculties are assessed relative to each other ("unfused"), the state of infinite connectedness is lost in differentiation and separateness. The inner physics of Phi then assumes the quality of mental propensities (roughly, emotions, as found in the different "cakra's"), and the world and body are fragmented into a relative substantial form. This state of affairs is allegorically referred to in the expulsion of Adam and Eve. The mental faculty embodying the "unfusing" of physical coherence is called the intellect (yogic "buddhi") and it is also the intellect that puts Humpty Dumpty together again. In Sacred Geometry the differentiated state is called "inside-outness" (Dan Winter) and is purely scientifically described in the physics of life.

Evidently, this state of separateness can only exist in biological life endowed with some form of sensory and motoric capacity and emotion. Now, the inner physics of Phi is expressing everywhere, and in this relative form it is commonly known as life-force. Hence, with above chapter in mind, life-force is the gravity of biology and the cause of sensory and emotional awareness.

11. Back to the Heart

quoting from a letter to Dan Winter:

"We need to understand some part of the heart's self-contained electrophysiology beyond standard explanation. The Heart Tuner shows how the heart pulse is perfected wave symmetry, which is not needed for the sole purpose of pacemaking. Besides the pace-making function, it contains specific (arithmetic) subsets of the golden sequence spectral emission (fourier of Golden Mean heterodyne), homeopatically synthesising immune intelligence in the thoroid and blood. So here we have an emerging set of (arche-) typical vortices in non-linear space (as per definition, but possibly also taken in the form of perception by a highly sensitive mind). In a-typical form (Dan's "consumed perspective"), the typical manifestations are a subset or emanation of the a-typical form, that is, an emanation of cosmic faculty.

Hence the primary source of immune health is the cosmic non-linear symmetry network, which taken in normal 3D linear regime by the "mind cum senses" (or: "inside-outness", note here that the ear is an instant Fourier transformer with a limited spectral response - whereas yogic "sound" forms the primordial creative matrix) became the gravitational celestial world. Sound generalised and in context is the science of the Samskrta sounds of Creations. Those sounds are the instances of the #5 coherence class. In other words, the aspect of "sound" transforms the primordial triangular receptacle into a dimensional receptacle, and this principle in sustainable form is called "mind"" ...


to be cont'd



1. The Causal Matrix is a self-contained infinitely connected frequency system in the form of a non-linear and a linear regime of frequency physics.

2. The expressive force of the Causal Matrix functions by projecting dimensions and symmetries, shortly symmetry-operations.

3. The manifest form exists in the form of coherence and fusion, whereas its physical transformations include a nominal, a transitional and an objective stage.

4. The nominal cause is the thread that connects all of manifested reality.

5. Coherence in the non-linear regime creates an increasing manifestation of linear physics.

6. Fusion in the linear regime results in the waning of linear physics.

7. Different forms of coherence in the process of fusion creates different forms of objectivity.

8. Life force is the collective name for the different forms of coherence among the non-linear and linear regimes.

9. Further fusion merges linear physics back into pure symmetry operations, and then back into the infinite, nominal cause.

10. Hence, the nominal cause is beyond all objectivity and all transformations.


backgrounds and user specs on the Heart Tuner:

Biology - the key to unpacking the ".zip" of the Universe!

(translated) letter to Stefaan van Nuffel, a physisist from Belgium:

"I've been wondering for a while how the multiplication of waves with Phi-ratio can actually happpen (physically, heterodyning in nature) - has it something to do with non-linear systems? The fusion seems physically more obvious by superposition (in linear regime).

Frank> This is the essence of the "physics of life"!" In my opinion (and Dan's) these regimes can only exist when there is coherence - in that case there is no medium, only "pure principle" - and this happens right at Phi ratio! In other words, there exists solely a nominal frequency criterion based upon ratio, so [litterally] dimension-less, and mathematically it is so that this can also be realised by multiplying amplitudes (like in radio technique for "SSB" - (single) sideband modulation) and only when the ratio is Phi, the system is self-contained. This is the non-linear regime in the physics of life, and therefore I also call it "reverse heterodyning".

The linear (interferential) regime can be extracted technically by Fourier anaysis, like in Harmonic Explorer, but nature does it in a different way, also through coherence and than we have reverse interference. It is expected that there are several such [linear] coherence classes, in other words, where a traditional self-contained wave system arises, this system can be embedded within the non-linear regime - than, this system is self-aware (infinitely connected in time and space), in the other case it is entropic. Where both exist together at the same place, we see (magneto-) hydrodynamic and fractal creation in nature.

A single mechanical wave is the simplest linear system. The origin of light is the dimensional projection of the principle of continuity, and the origin of gravity is the nominal frequency criterion (Phi) - this dimensional projection is the conceptual [existential] transformation of the causal matrix, the key to unpacking the causal matrix - and this key is in fact biology.

Light and gravity in this picture don't exactly belong to the linear regime, but are rather theoretical in nature and mutually undetermined, but definitely engaged. In an entropic setting, there is a correlation between light and gravity as limited quantities. This correlation equals physical accelleration and this determines a mechanical space - time wave and entropy in general. This is the basic objective transformation of the causal matrix - subsequent binding ensues according to a strick geometric schedule, the unpacking of the causal matrix.

The optimal spectral schedule for harmonic embedding appears to be the Fourier of a Phi-harmonic heterodyne, and that pattern coincides with the so-called "Golden Sequence" binairy Fibonacci. With the Heart Tuner we measure coherence (embedding) resp. entropy in the heart - the physiology of it is also very interresting, but I'm not well aware of at the moment.

Although the Caual Matrix is itself in no way affected, yet the complete Cosmic state of affairs lies suspended within its hub - the Causal Matrix, the .zip of the Universe!

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